Ecosystem-A system formed by interactions within the community.

Habitat-Natural envoirment of an organism.

Population-The number of inhabitants in a place

Community-A social group of any size.

Classification-Classifing something into a category .

Taxonomy-The science dealing with the description,identification,naming,and classification of all organisms.

Biotic factor-A living thing,animal or plant, that influences the ecosystem.

Abiotic Factor-A non living thing or condition that influences the ecosystem.

Cell-A structure containing nuclear material.

Cell Membrane-The membrane enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell.

Cell Wall-The definite boundary of a cell body.

Organelle-A specialized part of a cell having some specific function.

Tissue-A cell forming a definite structural material with a special purpose.

Organ-A grouping of tissues into a distinct structure.

Unicellular-Having 1 cell.

Multicellular-Composed of many cells.

Autotroph-An organism capable of self nourishment.

Heterotroph-An organism requiring organic compounds.

Prokaryotic-A cellular organism that has no nuclear membrane.

Eukaryotic-Organisms having fundamental structure.

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