Kirston Collis

Types of cookies
Drop Cookies...

Rolled Cookies


icebox/refrigerator cookies!!

Molded Cookies

Bar Cookies

Pressed Cookies


Crisp Cookies...
Very little moisture in the batter most are made from stiff dough without much liquid in the mix.. They also have high ratios of sugar.

Soft cookies
Has low amounts of fat and sugar in the batter, and a high proportion of liquid,such as eggs. Corn syrup, molasses, or honey is often used along with granulated sugar.

Chewy Cookies
High ratio of eggs, sugar, and liquid, low amounts of fat.

The type of fat used in cookie dough also affects the spread of the cookie. When butter or margarine is used more spread is created..

Safety and Sanitation

What to wear when baking cookies?
* Pull hair back
*Wear an Apron
*Make sure to wipe down everything after handling eggs because of salmonella hazards.
*Also be sure not to eat cookie dough because of raw eggs, which may contain salmonella..

Cooling Cookies!

Because of the small size of cookies and high sugar content cookies can burn easily..The heat from the pan that continues to bake the cookies once they are moved from the oven is called carry over baking..

Storing Cookies

Be sure that cookies are completely cooled before storing them.
Best kept in air tight containers away from moisture.They shouldn't be refrigerated.  

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