Find Yourself

The true happiness

What is true happiness?

Why is there suffering in the world? Why is there heartache everywhere we go? Its the lack of true happiness. Majority of the people in the world have been through many things in there life so they feel obligated to be unhappy. NO! wrong answer without suffering there is no happiness. People who have been through nothing understand nothing. Take this as an example if you had everything in life you ever wanted and nothing ever went wrong, you would be happy right? Wrong, you wouldnt understand how it feels to be broken, mistreated, hurt, etc. of course it hurts at the moment but you learn from every mistake you make and you become stronger, happier when its all said and done. No one knows you better than you know yourself. Find happiness within yourself dont rely on other people to make you happy your the one with the power to do it. If you rely on other people to do so your keeping yourself from true happiness. Think about it your the one that wants to feel the great feeling of happiness why wait on someone to give it to you when you can do it yourself? Thats like wanting a piece of cake for example its right in front of you, are you going to wait for someone to hand it to you or are you going to take it?

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