How I Portray Myself And The Image To Society

Firstly I act very funny. I like to act that way to express how friendly and creative I am. So my creativity helps me be more humorous which then leads to me being a friendly person. I find my humour as one of my stronger attributes that shows my personality. Another one of my other stronger attributes is being responsible.

Me being responsible is another attribute that I recognize myself as. With the responsibility that I get I keep that and fill it to my fullest. It is a important attribute to have. Responsibilities I have are Beyond the Hurt, making sure I have good grades, doing all my work and many more. My final and most important attribute is being smart.

I don't like to brag but a lot of times in class I help people wether it's science, language or how to login to pen pal people like to ask me for help. Those are just some of my thriving traits.

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