To Flip or Not to Flip?
We Have the Answers!

Presenters: Lacey Edley and Lauren Bibby

What is  the Flipped Classroom?

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Flipping Misconceptions

  • You don’t have to create your own videos!
  • Don’t flip every subject. Start with one subject or one lesson.
  • There is no right or wrong way to flip your instruction.
  • Flipped lessons need to be 45 minutes. (Actual time about 5-7 min.)
  • The most important part of flipped instruction is the videos. (What happens after the lesson is the most important part.)
  • I will get it right the first time.

Examples of Flipped Lessons








Other Resources

Below are additional resources.

WSQ: Keeping kids accountable

What do you do when kids don't have the internet or watch the videos the previous night?

Kids  thoughts about flipping

Watch this short video to hear what kids think about flipped learning!

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