Tools to Use for your Inquiry Project

1. Platform

The first step in creating your final project is establishing which platform all your information will appear on.

The following (Tackk and Smore) are strongly recommended. Both websites produce one page websites that allow you to add almost any type of media.

FYI: Smore Online Flyers are generally better looking, but customizing requires payment. Furthermore, your first 5 Smore flyers are free, then you must pay for additional flyers. Tackk allows an unlimited number of flyers and allow users to customize completely, without payment

2. Video makers / Editors

In addition to phones, tablets and webcams you may also use web-based tools to capture and edit video.

Screencast-o-matic is a website that allows users to create screencast videos for FREE. A user may record up to 15 minutes and has the ability to download videos to edit and splice together using other tools (like iMovie or Movie maker)

PaperSlides are one-take videos. They are more of a strategy than software or a website. Paperslides are created using one stationary camera (a phone / tablet / digital camera / webcam) and many bits of paper moved in and out of frame. Paperslides can be an effective way to deliver messages in simple and effective way.

PowToon is an online video maker. Powtoon allows users to create animated videos and presentations completely online

Adobe Voice is an iOS application that allows users to create simple narraration-focused videos. Adobe voice is available on IPads and iPhones

WeVideo is an online video editor that is also available as an app!

Here's an example of a video made using WeVideo

Youtube has its own, robust video editor!

If you are a PC user, Windows Movie Maker offers a powerful suite of tools for movie creation and editing.

If you are a MAC user, iMovie offers a similar suite of functions.

3. Infographics

The following are all free online tools that can be used to represent information with beautiful, easy to understand graphics.

4. Online Survey Tools

Using an online survey for feedback is a powerful way to collect information from a large volume of people. Electronic survey tools handle almost all of the organization and representation of data AND may be shared electronically (twitter, instagram, facebook, email, etc)

Google surveys have a range of question types AND allow users to dump the information collected from a survey into a Google sheets document (aka a spreadsheet).

Both FluidSurveys and SurveyMonkey behave similarly and offer a wide range of question types. Both will produce graphs and tables when you wish to consider data from a survey, but exporting information/graphics is a paid feature.

5. Citations Made Easy

Try using these sites to create a perfectly formatted Works Cited / Bibliography