A Book Review on September Girls

By Cydney Marshall

This was a really weird book. I can't say that picking it was a bad decision, but I wouldn't call it a great one either. The theme of the story was kind of a "you never know people's true motives and you probably don't want to".  The protagonists name is Sam, he is a high school student with a troubling family life. Recently his mom left for "women's land"  and it has left his dad in a downward spiral. In the midst of this funk, his dad decides that a trip to the beach is necessary. The beach they arrive at is anything but normal. Sam comes across what he calls "Girls". Try are different that ordinary girls and they have a secret that he wants to figure out. One of the Girls that Sam meets is Dee Dee, and despite get being one of the different Girls, she's different from them too. While all the other Girls spend their nights partying, Dee Dee stays to herself. Along with the mystery of the beach, Dee Dee was the other mystery that Sam didn't quite understand.  There's a frustrated mood throughout the story due to no one knowing what was happening. All in all, it was an okay book, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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