A Day In My Life

By: Octavia Benson

Croosroads@Meade- Computer Science Class

January 28 2015

On my day off I stayed in the house. I enjoyed my day off, I got to get some rest. My younger siblings annoyed me but I still enjoyed the day off. I slept until 5:30 pm. After I woke up I jumped straight on my phone. Since I was sleep during the day I didn't go to sleep until 1:00 am.

I helped my mom cook dinner. We made chicken and shrimp alfredo which was very good. It took us about an hour to cook it. My mom made me chop the chicken and peel the shrimp. I had about two in a have bowls of it. Everyone enjoyed it.

On my day off I also played family games. We played Monopoly and Just Dance. My Mom and my younger brother kept beating me in Monoply. I won mostly everytime we played Just Dance. Anyway I enjoyed my day off with my family.

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