This is one of our popular phone cases. This Black Case is $25. It's only for 5s though.😢
The Blue Green striped case is $15 but only for 4s. The Hreen Bubble phone case is $20 but only 4s. Pink Shine case is $20 only for 6.
Sparkle Black Case is $25 for 5s. The Pink Bubble case is $20 for only 4s. And the Love Case is for 5s.
The Green and Blue Zig Zag Case is $15 for 4s. The Green Case is $20 for 6.
Full SunLife collection

We are the co-owner of Solar Shine Cases©. This idea just happened. Once we started this idea we knew that this was the project we wanted to do. Our idea is selling Life Proof phone cases that will not damage your phone. We came up with this idea but these are prototypes so they are not life proof yet. We made the product as beautiful as we could. We are selling this product to teens or kids for their phones. The prices are tagged on the photos 😏.

If any questions please contact down below!😀


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