I am Anna and I go to Central High school. I go to school to get education so I can reach my goals to where I want to be in the future. I enjoy watching shows like the originals, vampire diaries, the tomorrow people and so on. I am outgoing but I can get really lazy at some point. I love going to the mall but nothing satisfies me so I end up getting nothing but food to snack on. Talking about food I love it! Words cannot explain there's so many food out there in the world but the type of food I love is fries, sushi, stuff chicken wings, pho, chicken nuggets, burgers, hot Cheetos, dill pickle chips and papaya with sticky rice! I  like the color purple. My favorite hobby is watching movies and tv shows I can watch it for hours but I will eventually get tired of sitting and want to get up to go somewhere. I enjoy reading books action, romance, poetry, books that are base on true life. I also love watching youtube videos that people makes like watching beauty videos from Michelle Phan I love watching her videos she inspires me so much and Bethany Mota, Mylifeaseva, JefferyFever, RyanHiga, TheLavigneLife and so on. And I also want to travel the world soon and do so much more in life and I will when the time comes.

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3 years ago