How to Act Against Child Labour

Child labour is one of the biggest reasons why children lose out on their basic right of education, which in turn results in increasing levels of illegal activities and hampers the development of the nation. In India, non-attendance rates at schools for child labourers are twice that of any other child. Everyone can see that the condition is alarming, but what is our role here to change it? What are the best ways to successfully stop such atrocities? Here are three steps to eliminate or to reduce the increasing risk of child labour.

Be aware of the situation

Sweatshop labour stands as one of the biggest fields where child labour prevails on a large scale. Though plenty of companies have instituted proper monitoring of their supply chains, the problem yet seems widespread across the global clothing industry. Many of the factories supplying products to big brands are likely to dominate the high-street market and are routinely breaking every rule in the book, specifically in terms of labour rights.

Encourage yourself and the people around you

The day of June 12 is celebrated as “The World Day against Child Labour” since the ILO (International Labour Organization) started it back in 2002. This day was initiated by the ILO with an intention to create awareness about child labour. This day provides momentum to increase awareness on children in labour to gain support of governments, schools, youth, and women’s groups, along with the media in the campaign against child labour.

Speak loudly and use social media to get your message across

Perhaps we might not be able to convey our message by ourselves, but coming together changes all of that. Together we have the power to make the change, standing up to any problem, no matter how big it is. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and knowledge about the issue; you can make use of social networking websites for this cause.