Martin Luther

Born on November 10th, 1483 in Eisleben, Germany.

He married Katharina Von Bora, who was one of 12 nuns that escaped from a convent. They had six children together: Magdelena, Paul, Elisabeth, Hans, Margarethe, and Martin.

Martin Luther had brown hair, had darker eyes, and light skin.

Martin Luther was well educated. He was also fearful of death and divine judgement.

He was raised in an upper class family. He attended the University of Erfurt and earned his masters degree. He entered law school because that's what his father wanted. He dropped out of law school after a year.

He published several works such as: The Ninety-Five These, Luthers large catechism, Luthers small catechism, On The Freedom of a Christian.

Martin Luther was also Antisemitic.

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