Peter Rando

  One hot afternoon George decided that he wanted to get so alone time when the boss walked in. The boss demanded “What the heck is going on between you two? Are you blowing in his jack?"

  "He's just a friend I look after, that's all" demanded George. In a mimicking gesture the Boss copied George. George stud up from the card table, sending cards flying. He ran over to the Boss and repeated, "he's just a friend!"

  The boss quickly pushed George, sending him on one of the beds. George acting quick looked up to the apple wood box over the bed. He grabbed what every he could find and began to throw at the shadowy figure that no longer stood it the door way. He throw a razor, a bar of soap, a old magazine, and a boodle of talcum powder trying to slow the Bosses approach. But non of it managed to slow him down.

  The Boss grabbed George by the neck and throw him into the cast iron stove. George lied on the ground moned in anguish, "He's just a friend." The Boss yield in anger "Lire!" As he stomped over to George.

  Geoge looking for any help he could find grabbed a chair by the leg and smashed it into the Bosses side. George struggled back to his feet and said "I came here to stake a clame, but I dont need you we can live of the fat of the land!" As he steped into the sun light and out of the bunk house, for good.

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