A Deadly Habit
February 18, 2014

Prevent a deadly disease

Smoking is not cool. If you smoke, you can have all kinds of health issues. A few health problems that come from smoking are cancer, heart disease, lung disease and strokes. Please, do not risk your health, just say no to smoking cigarettes!

Cigarettes are made out of paper. The paper is rolled up and filled with tobacco that usually has a brown filter at the end of the cigarette.

🚬> Nicotine is the main ingredient in cigarettes. It is a poison that is addictive.

🚬> More than 53,000 people die each year from second hand smoke.

🚬> Cigarettes have a ton of harmful chemicals in them such as ammonia (used as a disinfectant), arsenic (rat poison) and carbon monoxide (a colorless and odorless gas).

🚬> Smoking related diseases kill more than 434,000 Americans each year.

😕Drug Catagories😕
Cigarettes are a narcotic because of the drugs in them. They are also a depressant because of the harmful affects on the body. Cigarettes are considered a stimulant because they attack the nervous system.

{Where do 🚬 come from?}
Tobacco dates back to the Mayan Indians between 600 to 900 AD. American Indians, the Spanish, French, Italians, and Europeans smoked tobacco through their pipes for special religious and medicinal purposes. In the 1800's people began chewing tobacco. They smoked using pipes or hand rolled cigarette paper.

👷👷👷👷Medical uses past and present👷👷👷👷
You must talk to your doctor to help you stop smoking. Smoking cigarettes is not used for medical reasons. But the American Cancer Society has been working hard for years to get people to quit smoking.

💔Is Cigarette Smoking Addective?💔
Cigarette smoking is addictive. Addictive means to continue to repeat a behavior. Yes, a tolerance for cigarette smoking is built up because of the addiction to smoking. Tolerance means the willingness to continue a behavior.

💋How are cigarettes used?💋
Cigarettes are used by inhaling through pipes and paper. They can be sniffed and inhaled through the nose. People suck a cigarette like they are sipping from a straw.

💀Long and Short Term Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoking!💀
Some of the shorts term effects of smoking are an increase in blood pressure, a reduction in the flow of blood, yellowing of the teeth and fingers, weakening of the immune system and an awful breath. These are just a few short term effects of smoking. There are many long term effects of smoking and usually a person develops a disease. A few long term effects of smoking are lung disease, heart disease, ulcers, aging, infections and cancers of the mouth, throat, stomach and bladder.

😷Withdrawal Symptoms😷
It is very hard to quit smoking. Depression, anxiety, anger, frustration and weight gain are all withdrawals symptoms of cigarette smoking. People also have reported headaches and dizziness as withdrawal symptoms. The good news is that you can quit smoking and save your life.


Nicotine treatment therapy is a form of treatment to help a person quit smoking. Some people take medicines like Zyban, Wellbutin and Chantix to help them stop smoking. These forms of treatment help people to not have harsh withdrawal symptoms. It about 7 to stop smoking depending on how long a person has been smoking.

Smoking cigarettes destroys a persons mind, body and soul. It does not lead to a good place in your life. Smoking cigarettes can end friendships, the lives of your loved ones and most importantly your own life.

🚬So don't be a fool because smoking is🚬🚬 not cool!!! 🚬

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