f(x) revealed a new music video + hits over 3 million views within 48 hours

f(x)'s 'Red Light' teaser image. -Photo credits to SM Entertainment-

Asia's Pop dance girl group f(x) makes a comeback after almost a year with their new hit single 'Red Light'. F(ans) love how the concept is different from their past comebacks. Go and check their photo teasers below!

'Red Light' music video was released last July 2 and now it already reached 3 million views and still counting! The music video garnered a lot of attention because it's not the usual mv-in-a-box they expect. It was definitely a total make over! Compared to their 'Pink Tape' album, this album shows a dark concept. Girls with dark make-up, they even wear eye patches and bring the army prints back into fashion again. F(ans) love how intriguing the new concept is!

Below is the link of f(x)'s 'Red Light' music video. Go click and watch it!

'Red Light' will be available in the market this July 7! So hurry and start saving money! The girls will do lots of promotions for this comeback so you better prepare yourselves!!!!!

[MORE] Plus! Here are some of the tracks in their 'Red Light' album! Including their hit single 'Red Light', 'Milk' and 'All Night'

-Photo background is not mine. Credits to the owner of the pic-

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