Julia Wentling

This is a picture of my cousin Jadian and I. I like to babysit him and his brother and sister. When I babysit them we play outside and play games like tag, catch, and do races. The kids also each get the same amount of time on the computer to play games. But during my free time I usually like to hangout with my other cousin Mika and play volleyball.


I love Milkyway bars they are my favorite chocolate bar. When I go to the store I usually get a Milkyway bar or gum. I've gotten a bag of milkyway bars and it took me forever to finish it but I did.


I love to play volleyball in my free time with my cousin. Volleyball is my favorite sport even though I don't play on a team I still like it. When I play I take my anger out on the ball and hit pretty good. I love watching the games and seeing how the girls communicate and play awesome


I absolutely love the Pittsburg Steelers. I have liked the steelers since I was little and watched most of their games. My favorite player on the team is number 53 Maurkice Pouncey even though he doesn't play all the time. I watch every game and I am the only Steelers fan in my house.


One day I would like to be a veterinarian and take care of animals. I love animals at my house I have 4 dogs and 2 lizards. I would like to go to OSU and graduate with a veterinarian degree.

Los Angeles

I would love to visit Los Angeles because at night all the hotels light up. Also, I would love to see how the people are down there and how they connect with each other. I would love to see all the clothing stores and beaches down there.

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