My 7th Grade Year Memories
By: Audrey Oleskiewicz

This year, 2014-15, has been an amazing year! Let's take a look at 10 of my favorite memories.

Preforming Halftime for The Gladiators

I am part of a dance team that recently preformed halftime for The Gladiators.  We preformed a jazz number entitled "Fame."  We had a lot of fun preparing for the game together.  The audience was huge and it was the biggest one I've ever preformed for, so it was nerve racking, but we had a ton of fun doing it.

My friend, Savanna Fee, and I in the car on the way to the game!

Speech Team

This year I joined the Kenston Middle School Speech Team.  I did an event called Pros and Poetry, it's an event where you collect pieces literature under a selected theme and string them together with transitions to make a 5 to 10 minute presentation.  I did one on Dystopia, I had 2 pieces from the Hunger Games Trilogy, a quote by Gorge Orwell, and 2 poems.  We went to a tournament at Gilmore and I placed 3rd, there was some really though competition.  I also found out one of the coaches, Mr. Snook, was my mother's and 3 of my Aunt's English teacher in high school.

The team at competion

Starting Pointe

This year at AC Dance Company I started pointe.  Pointe is a form of ballet that has pointe shoes. Pointe shoes allow the dancer to put their full body weight on the tips of their toes on a fully extended foot.  I have wanted to do pointe ever since I started ballet at age 4.  I have been working really hard at it this past year .  I have discovered that it is harder than it looks.

Disney Vacation

My family and I went to Disney this Fall/ Winter.  We went for 8 days and stayed at the New Orleans Resort.  We went to all the parks and even ate at the restaurant inside Cinderella's Castle!  It was a lot fun!

Starting My Axel

In figure skating I started working on my axel.  The axel is my first advanced jump.  This is a diagram of it.

Diagram of an Axel

I have not landed it yet, but I am really close.

Instrument Switch

This year I was asked by Mr. Link to switch to French Horn from Flute.  It was a hard switch but I like playing the French Horn a lot more than I liked playing Flute!  Natile and Tori also switched with me.  

My fellow French Hornists

Midevil (K)night

This year in Social Studies we learned about the Midevil and Renaissance time periods.  They held a Medevil (K)night where members of the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) came and demonstrated Midevil fighting techniques, armor, weponds, and other crafts.  The SCA is a group of people who react the best parts of Midevil and Renaissance time periods.  Find out more about them by clicking the button.

Here is an example of the fighting demonstration.

Skating Competions

This year I competed in 3 competitions around NE Ohio.  I placed 6th in The Brooklyn Autumn Skills Competition with a piece from the Pirates of the Caribbean.  I got disqualified for an illegal move in Kent Skating for Skill Competition with a piece to Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.  I placed 1st in Strongsville Skating Competition with an altered version of my already existing Jar of Hearts program, I also placed 2nd in the same competition with a piece to Mother Knows Best from the Disney movie "Tangled" despite falling twice.  I had a lot of fun this  competition season and I am preparing for next season by choreographing a piece to Lux Aeterna.

This is the piece "Mother Knows Best" at the Strongsville Skating Competition that placed 2nd despite falling twice.


This year I read a lot of really good books!  Some of my favorites are Blink Once by Cylin Busby, Mrs. Pedigree's Home from Particular Children by Ransom Riggs, and Legend by Marie Lu.  I also re-read the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Chorus and Band Concerts

This year I participated in 4 concerts for both Chorus and Band. I had two Band Concerts and two Chorus Concerts. We had one winter concert for each and one spring. Some of my favorite pieces from band were The Lion King and Echos of the Civil War.  Some of my favorite pieces from chorus were Hallelujah and Mr. Postman.

Moments in HELA

Outsiders Day

In ELA we read "Outsiders" and we held an Outsiders Day in ELA.  We could dress up either as a Greaser or a Soc.  We did a series of tasks for points and added them up at the end to determine the winner.

Chuzzlewit's Road of Trials

After reading the novella "Athem" we were surprised with a letter from a mysterious Chuzzlewit with some instruction to avoid an upcoming writing assignment.  The following day we met in the library and meet "Princess Nailer" how gave us instructions to go to our classroom.  There we meet Chuzzlewit, he was very old and scary.  He informed us that Mr. Kowalski was captured and we had to preform a series of tasks to free him and more importantly get out of our writing assignment.  We completed the tasks and freed K-wal and didn't have to do our writing assignment.

7th Grade Camp

This year we went to Camp Mowana for 7th Grade Camp.  We had tons of fun! We rock climbed, hiked, played capture the flag, and played Ultimate Frisbee, just to name a few.  I had a lot of fun with my cabin group.  My counselor, Halle Edwards, is actually my little sister's best friend's cousin.

This is a song we listened to a lot in our cabin.

Here is a slideshow of the pictures taken at camp.

How to Survive 7th Grade

1. Be open minded

2. Be organized

3. Do your homework

4. Participate in Class

5. Think outside the box

My Precept for Upcoming 7th Graders

What is "Normal" is a personal opinion.

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I loved the skating video where you are in the red dress. It was so good even though you fell..I would give you first place! This is definitely 'A' work in my opinion!

2 years ago

Preforming at the Gladiators game must have been so much fun. I hope your seventh grade year was one of your best.

2 years ago

Your a really good skater!

2 years ago

@elisacosta_1 Thanks!

2 years ago

Really cool skating videos!

2 years ago

@taylorgrace_7 Thanks, your a really good gymnast too!

2 years ago

You'll land that axle, soon. The amount of pictures and videos really made this stand out, Audrey! You are involved with so many wonderful activities. Well done!

2 years ago

@zachkowalski Thanks

2 years ago

Pointe, dancing, and skating seems to be very fun.