Coastal Plains

A great place to relocate and visit!!
By: Elizabeth Woodham and Hunter Putnam

Since the Coastal Plains is famous for its peanuts,cotton,vidalia onions,and vegetable farming, a farming business would be very successful because of the variety of crops that are grown. The pay would be good because a farmer would be shipping goods and making money at the same time. The temperatures are pretty mild and the climate is temperature making growing seasons longer.

The Chattahoochee and Savannah Rivers are perfect for businesses because of the things that they provides. For example, if you have a business that involves transportation, power, or drinking water, these two rivers provide that. The Chattahoochee provides transportation of goods and boats. The Savannah River provides transportation of goods because of the ocean port allowing businesses to easily ship goods. The Chattahoochee River also provides you with drinking water and hydroelectric power making it easy for businesses to get. These two rivers provide a lot, but that's not all the Coastal Plains. The Savannah River is a perfect place to come look at beautiful scenery and enjoy a day on the river. The Chattahoochee is a fun vacation because you can go rafting along the river!

Businesses should relocate to the Coastal Plains because of the Fall Line. It's beautiful waterfalls attracts tourists. It's used to transport cargo to the cities around it making it easier for goods to be shipped. Businesses would benefit tremendously because the waterfalls help more goods to be shipped to cities.

The Barrier Islands are a very good place to go on vacation. It's very pretty, peaceful, and you can see and do so many things there. These islands would be great if you were trying to get away from cold weather and mountains. The beaches allow you to get a tan, fish, and look for seashells. If you're worried that if you relocate your restaurant on the barrier islands your restaurant will get destroyed or you might lose business, don't worry because the Barrier Islands have got you covered. Forts are on the islands to protect Georgia from bad weather and protect the coast, so your seafood restaurant would be protected. Your restaurant probably won't lose business because of ll the tourists at the beaches. If you ever ran out of seafood, you could always go fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Restaurants will have seafood as a choice on the menu! If you love seafood, come to the Barrier Islands.

The Okefenokee Swamp attracts tourists because it contains over one thousand species of plants and animals. Tourists are very important because that's what keeps a business running. There are amazing animals there such as alligators, turtles, and birds.  The swamp also provides freshwater. Relocate to the Costal Plains, so that your business will be successful.

A pulp industry would be very successful because of all the trees. In the Coastal Plains, the trees are used for pulp. Your business wouldn't have to worry about if they have enough pulp because there are a lot of trees in the Coastal Plains.

If you want to escape the cold temperatures of the mountains, come to the Coastal Plains because of its temperate climate! Temperate meaning mild summers and mild winters. The summers are not too hot, and the winters are not too cold! Because of the temperate climate, more employees are willing to relocate here because they enjoy the weather. More businesses bring in more tourists and more job opportunities.   The Coastal Plains is the perfect place to visit and relocate. It's not just because of the weather, but all the things that the region and physical features provide.

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