3 days in New York
by Matteo and Mathis

Our opinions

Day 1

After our arrival at the J.F.K. airport, a driver conduct us in our hotel. We put our things in a China Town hotel, and the rest of our afternoon, we walked in the district and we saw a little sushi-shop near our hotel. We lauched in the hotel, the food was palatable.The negatif point was the noises.

Day 2

We taked the ferry and we went to the statue of Liberty with a guide, just for Matteo and me, so we saw a beautiful view of New York.

After the Statue of Liberty, we go to a restaurant in Little Italy, it was delisious. In the night we went to brodway and we saw "The book of Mormon".

Day 3

We taked a breackfast in our hotel, we went to a pool but there were lot of people. We went for our last time in a chineese restaurant. And in the afternoon we went to a NBA match.

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