Creating Innovators

Peters Colony Book Study

Reflection Links

Reflections must be completed by the dates given below.  These are also the dates of our Twitter chats.  If you want to get ahead with your reflections, please do so!  

February 16th -

March 2nd -

March 16th -

March 30th -

Twitter Chats

Our chats will be on the dates above at 7:00-8:00.  Please use the hashtag #pcgifted to join our chats.  

In order to receive credit from the district you must fill out a Twitter Documentation sheet after each chat.

If you need to set up a Twitter account the following link can help:

Book Study Credit

This book study is designed for all who teach or work with gifted and talented students.  You are eligible to receive GT Update Hours and/or November Trade Day credit by completing all reflections and fully participating in all Twitter chats.  If you have any questions, please send me a message at

I appreciate your participation!

Veronica Hernandez, GT Facilitaor

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