Alicia G.'S Summer vacation!

This summer I went to the San Juan Islands, and stayed at Friday harbor on a boat for about a week. My dad came up and participated in Hoopfest with my older brothers, and one of their friends. They were the Chalupas.... weird I know. It sounds like a type of burrito. Right after the last day of Hoopfest, we drove in a car for eight hours straight to Boise, ID. I went to Melba to watch the 4th of July fireworks, and they were so cool! I also saw my aunt, uncle, and my grandparents in the small town of Payette, ID. I stayed in Idaho for three weeks, then came back up so I got to hang out with my friends. It was like I was doing something almost every other day, and practically lived at one of my friend's house for the rest of the summer. I let her do my makeup every time I was there, and now it's our tradition. There was sometimes when I asked myself why I'm even friends with someone who would do this to my face, but the majority of the time I looked pretty awesome. I went to Courd' A Lane lake a few times also, and paddle boarded. When I was at home, I watched a lot of Batman when I was not playing my Batman video games. Overall my summer was very interesting.

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