The amazing Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklins life

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. His accomplishments as a scientist, publisher and statesman are particularly remarkable when considered in the context of colonial North America, which lacked the cultural and commercial institutions to nourish original ideas.He dedicated himself to improve himself everyday.Even though Benjamin Franklin had a little education he was a advid reader.When Benjamin Franklin was twelve he apprenticed his brother to help him with his his magazine company and newspaper.At seventeem Benjamin Franklin moved to Philadelphia and he opened up his own print shop and began publishing.

What Benjamin Franklin is Famous for

Benjamin Franklin was famous inventing the lighting rod.He came up up with the idea by making a hypothasis about if he could harnest lightning.He wanted to prove that lighting was electricity.He also wanted to stop lighting from catching stuff on fire.So he made a kite and he attached a key to the end of it.So when there was a storm e flew the kite.Then lighting hit the key and then benjamin franklin made the lighting rod.The lighting rod is also used for barns,houses,and buildings.So if the lighting hits the lighting rod the lighting will deflect the lighting so it wont catch fires to the buildings.The lighting rod is made by attaching one end to the house.Then point one side of the rod to the sky.Then there's a cable attached to the end of the rod that is attached to the the house. The cable is burried atleast ten feat undergroound.

A picture of how the Lighting rod is used.

How it  looks like.

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