Imagery In The Martian Chronicles

"Full grown without memory, the robots waited. In green silks the color of forest pools, in silks the color of frog and fern, they waited.  In yellow hair the color of the sun and sand, the robots waited. Oiled, with tube bones cut from bronze and sunk in gelatin, the robots lay."  -Pages 110 and 111

"It had been thirty years since he had been in a small town, and the buzzing of spring bees on the air lulled and quieted him, and the fresh look of things was a balm to the soul." ... "You could hear the tinkle of ice in a lemonade pitcher." -Page 37

"The boy came and stood before him and took his hand.  The old man felt his fingers, warm and firm.  'You're really here, it's not a dream?' " -Page 121

In a moment the town doors would flip wide, people would run out through the new miracle of oxygen, sniffing, gusting in lungfuls of it, cheeks pinking with it, noses frozen with it, lungs revivified, hearts leaping, and worn bodies lifted into a dance." -Page 78

" 'It's alive!' protested the Martian, laughing more now.  'Oh, you're quite wrong.  See all the carnival lights?  There are beautiful boats as slim as women, beautiful women as slim as boats, women the color of sand, women with fire flowers in their hands.  I can see them, small, running in the streets there.' " -Page 84

"And now there was a vast screaming of yanked nails." ... "Now one clock was set in motion, a faint ticking.  Now another and another, until this was an immense clock shop, purring." -Page 111

"They carried odorous paper bags into which from time to time upon the long walk they would insert their noses to inhale the rich smell of the ham and mayonnaise pickles..." -Page 88

"He awoke to a tap on his brow.  Water ran down his nose into his lips." ... "He was drenched to the skin, but he held his face up and let the water hit his eyelids, laughing." -Pages 76 and 77

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