Sodium: Natures unsung hero.

By Max Markel

Properties of sodium

Sodium is  a member of  the alkali metals. It is soft,  silver-white and is highly reactive. It is a free element and is not found in nature. It can only be found in it's compounds. It is the sixth most abondent element in the earths crust. It is in numerous minerals such as feldspars , sodolite, and rock salt. It is in Lye and edible salt.  It is also a good conductor, but is very weak. It is less reactive than potassium but more reactive than lithium. If it is burned in dry air it mainly forms sodium peroxide and sometimes sodium oxide.

Melting point=207.9 degrees F.

Freezing point= 207.9 degrees F.  


Sodium is the bomb!!!! It is the king of all elements and second only to oxygen.  It is in so many thing that i can not list them all and have time to finish this ad. It when combined with chloride, creates salt the most ecential thing in the world. It puts to shame some the other elements like zinc or germanium. It is so usefull becuase without precious sodium salt would not exist and we would all be dead(tear drops).  Also, sodium is can comibine with almost everything so if has many uses and can be in a lot of things and if you leave it outside in dry air you can make fire and use it as a weapon making Sodium the super-element. With Sodium you can create dozens of different elements needed to survive. Sodium is natures unsung hero, it's quiet knight, it's muted Crusader.

I ranked it so low for biological and functional needs because it is neither helpful to the body or necessary for everyday life. I ranked it high because it is very useful to use to trade with other people who need it to make a element and it can be used to make sodium peroxide which is acidic, and is created when you set it on fire in dry air.


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