Tennessee Aquarium

By: John David Gardner

When I first got to the aquarium I saw a bridge and a fountain. When I actually got into the aquarium I saw sting rays and sharks in the touch tank. I heard people talking about the animals and describing what they were. I smelled the water in the tank and flowers and other plants.

The penguin's habitat consists of cold harsh climates. Penguins are excellent swimmers and hunters which makes up for them not being able to fly. The penguin eats small fish that they can find.                                                                                                                          Individual would be a single penguin set out of the group or population.                           Population would be the group of penguins in their habitat. Which in this case would be Antarctica.

Different organisms interact because they are either both benefit (mutualism), one benefit and the other is unaffected (commensalism) or one benefits and the other is harmed (parasitism). The organisms depend on the abiotic factors in the ecosystem for shelter protection such as rocks. The organisms depend on the biotic factors in their ecosystem for food such as small fish or shrimp. `

                                                            Three Characteristics

Protists: Unicellular, move by cilia, flagella, or pseudopods, and are eukaryotes. This means that they contain a nucleus.

Plant: Eukaryotic, multicellular, cell wall, and contains chloroplasts. This means that they use photosynthesis to make their own food from the sun.

Fungi: Eukaryotic, multicellular, and are heterotroph. This means that they are consumers.

Animal: Eukaryotic, contains nucleus, multicellular, and are heterotrophs or consumers.

                                                                  Journal Entry

The shark plays an important role in this ecosystem has a consumer. Its energy role is to eat all the fish and then it gives other fish food by those small fish eating off the stuff that missed the shark's mouth and is stuck to its stomach. The shark provides energy to other things because a certain type of species eats sharks. This species would be known as the killer whale.

                                                                  Scientific Information

Producer-Organisms that can produce their own food. Through photosynthesis or however else they might do this.

Consumer-A consumer is an organism that consumes other animals or plants and eats them to gain energy to use and give off.

Decomposer-An organism that decomposes organic materials.

All of these are abiotic factors because none of them are living. They all are in the ocean ecosystem. All the biotic factors could benefit from them. They could benefit from them because they provide the organisms witha  place to live and food.

                                                                   Scientific Information

Organisms depend and respond to the abiotic factors in there environment by using them to provide sheletr or using them as an escape route from predators. They also respond to them if they are in their way. They have to figure out a way to get around it. They may depend on abiotic factors to provide shelter from predators.

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