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Roads in the late 1880's

The roads were made up oof stone, sand and gravel. The idea of roads were made by the scottish. John Metcalfe built a road that was 180 miles in yorktown England. The road was three layers, large stones, a layer of gravel and excavated road material.

When was it invented

well the first roads were made way back in 600 B.C, but the first pavement road
(that makes it not so bumpy when you drive)was made in 1942.

The purpose

The purpose for making nice aphsalt roads are for riding your bike, driving your car and evan walking. Some aphsalt roads make it not so noisy when your driving your car on a highway.

Effect on the US

This made people in the US so happy because the could finnaly drive their car across the country or to the store or to a friends and so on.

years of roads

you really cannot replace roads. Everybody needs them they have been around for hundreds of years and will remain that way (unless we get flying cars).

Essential questoin

Roads connect the south and north states we need roads to go through all the states so more people can move or go see grandma when she has chicken pox.

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