Evolution of Warfare

With the growing use of Trench Warfare in WWI, new technologies were created to help speed up the war. The overall pace of the war was unchanged. The only thing they did was kill more people faster. One of the biggest advancements, both physically and technologically, was the tank.

The British were the ones who created the first tank. They already had armored vehicles, but they needed one that could cross all kinds of terrain. "The first 'tank' to have any form of caterpillar track was a vehicle designed by Lieutenant W Wilson and William Tritton called "Little Willie"'(tanks and world war one). Little Willie, as it was called, was never meant to see any combat. It was just a prototype that was evolved into "Big Willie". The first tanks were used at the Battle of Somme, between the British and Germans. While neither side gained much aside from a few miles of territory, and lost well over half a million troops, the use of tanks had shown that they were going to be crucial to all future wars.


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