story graph

This graph is about biking. jim starts biking at 5mph. He is picking up speed. From 2-4 min. he is at a constant speed, then he falls off and starts tumbling down, he slowly decreases in speed.
This graph is about a diver. The diver submerges underwater with the weight attached, at 2 feet he unclips the weight and slowly decreases, then he is at a constant rate.
This graph is about homework being assigned. On Friday Bob was assigned 4pages of homework. He didn't do any homework over the weekend so the number of pages was constant. Monday before school, he realized he had a lot of homework so he finished it all and had no more left.
This graph is about apples. Savanna started with 4 apples and sold 1, the next 2 days she didn't sell any and was at a constant rate of apples. the apples started to rot so on the 4th day she threw away the last 2 apples and ended with zero apples.
This graph is about climbing up the stairs. Ally starts on the 6th stair. She ran up the stairs and quickly picked up speed. She fell down the stairs after 3min passed and she got up and walked slowly up the stairs and ended on the 15th stair.
This graph is about a plant growing. I watered the plant and it grew 4inches in 10 days. I went to the beach and I forgot to water it and the plant shrunk 2inched on the 15th day. The growth was then constant.

This graph is about Bella walking. She increases speed to walk 40 meters. Then she gets a cramp and she walks back to her house and now she is 10 meters from her house. It has now been an hour and a half and she is walking at a constant rate.

This graph is about percentage on a phone. Wills phone is on 100%. He uses 15% for music in 100 minutes then he eats dinner and his phone is at a constant rate for 200min. He then uses the rest of his battery to play games.

This graph is about walking. Laura starts walking at 12meters away from her house. She sees her friend and walks back 2meters and talks with her for 2 min. It starts ti rain so she runs back to her house. She has walked a total of 20 meters.

This graph is about a cake baking in the oven.The cake was put into the oven and baked at 100 degrees Fahrenheit after 20 minutes. The cake was taken out of the oven and decreases in temperature after 50 minutes.

This graph is about reading a book. Maddie has 100 pages left in her book to read. After 60 minutes she reads 50 pages. She takes a nap for 30 minutes. When she wakes up she finishes reading her book and ha no more pages left.

This graph is about water in a bath tub. I start with 20 liters of water in the bath tub. I jump in and all the water splashes out. I refill it to 17 liters after 3 minuets has gone by. It stays at 17 liters for the rest of the time.

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