Writing Jornal 2\04\14

Dear Mr. Jairo,

I think this girl should do as Alexa. I kind of like her because Alexa does't care about what they say to her. She knows that she's good in her own way and she'll not change her way just to pleasure the others. So she one of my favorite character so far, what's yours?

Chapter 7

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

He door kept sounding. Right now it was seriously the most annoying sound.

“If you don't open the door I knock it out Violet,” said a girl voice.

“Yeah. Now open it or I’ll make sure that this girl rips the door Vi,” called Paul.

I didn't move. Suddenly I hear a noise and the next thing I knew was that there were two teens standing at either side of my bed.

“I know you’re up little one,” said the girl.

She pulled the covers down and let go of them. Then I pulled them back up.

“What can an angel do to deserve some sleep in the places?” I asked.

Paul chuckled and shook his head.

“Nothing when you’re the one who’s gonna save an entire family. Now get up before Alexa kicks your butt.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Why do I need to get up?”

“Because the Hayes chick, the Collins kid, and the Steele dude are patrolling an area that is like twenty minutes away” responded Alexa.

I nodded.

Half an hour later we were ready. Paul was wearing a short and a t-shirt. Alexa wore a jean and a yellow tank-top. As for me I wore a blue shirt with a sleeveless sweater, red skinny jeans, blue heels and a black clock. We ran silently through the woods. No one daring to break the silence. Finally we came into a stop.

“Okay, they are a little bit father now. we need to plan what we are going to say because we can’t just go and say ‘hey we’re angels and we need to guard you.’” Said Paul.

Alexa looked at him.

“Who said we were going to talk to them?” she asked.

“I did,” snapped Paul.

They started arguing until I had enough. I went to stand behind both of them. I swung me hands and made contact with their heads.

“OW” Paul and Alexa said.

“Stop bickering you two. We have a job to get done. The faster we do it the faster we can get home. Now we’ll find them and then when we see them we’ll see if we talk to them,” I ordered.

They just nodded. We ran a bit until we came to a stop. We had heard a noise. We walked towards it. The closer we got the more it sounded.


We stopped completely. We couldn't go any farther. The sound was to strong. It made me feel something I have never experienced. It was like having a whole mall scream on a human only that this was ten times worse since we had supernatural hearing.

I grabbed my hears and dropped to the ground.

“Make it stop,” I pleaded over and over again.

I looked at the other two. Paul was bumping his head against a tree while Alexa moaned in pain.

Suddenly out of nowhere I had the strength to stand up and go to my friends. I grabbed their hands and pulled them in the opposite direction of the sound. My head felt that it was about to explode so I let a piercing scream out. Finally we got away from it. I looked around and caught sight of a blue winged butterfly. If the was a blue butterfly that must mean that there is stem close.

‘”Guys I’m going to get water. It’ll help for the pain ok,” I said softly.

Not waiting for an answer I started running. I got to the stream and grabbed some water in my hands. I drank from it. The liquid flowed down my throat. I moaned in pleasure for the magical effect of the water. I grabbed a thing that looked like an empty coconut snapped in half. I filled it with water and started walking. As I walked I heard a twig snap. I turned around.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

Nobody responded but the next thing I knew was that I had a dagger right in the middle of my stomach. The wound started bleeding and I blacked out.

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