Warren Buffet

By:praxton S.

Who is Warren Buffet?

Warren Buffet is a investor in different product .He is a person who likes to give back to the community.But really who is warren buffet.


warren buffet has gotten rich through the stock market.At age 11 warren buffet invested in city service petered. BY buying 3shares at 38$ per share. (A share is part of that company that people can buy.They can buy a part of the of the companny and own it.)He sold his shares when they reached 40$per share  and he profited 6$.At 13 he ran his own business as a paper boy.

Building stock

During high school,he bought 3pinball machines for the price of 25$ a priece.He placed the the machines at 3 different places.Later on,he sold the machines to a war veteran for 1,200.

After he left college ,at age of 20 with 10,000 from all of his childhood businesses.

work paid off

6 years after Buffet left college he was a millionaire.He created the businesses buffet partnership.He bought companies that we're selling thier stock for a low value. He was soon opening 7 other partnership and combind them into a big partnership. Then he invested in Berkshire hathawy.In 1962 he cantrolled all of the company & was a millionaire from all the profits he eamed from the partnership.

Getting a metal

Warren buffet has give more than 80% of his money to poor people in need.In 2011 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom.


now warren buffet is a billionaire.