10 Facts For Expectant Mothers

Need to know facts about your baby and your body. No need to worry this will cover all your concerns!


  1. Normal sleep schedule for babies: infants 4-11 months 12-15 hours. At around 10-11 pounds, your baby will develop a normal sleep schedule.
  2. Help your baby go to sleep by breastfeed, rocking, laying him/her on their back, and playing white noise.

Fever & Rashes

  1. Anything over 100 degrees could indicate the baby has a fever from infection or vaccines. Before treating your newborn call your doctor. If your child is under three months call the pediatrician immediately; giving your baby reducers and keeping him/her hydrated (never give a baby water) can help treat the fever.
  2. The most common types of rashes would be the:
  • Cradle cap: thick yellow crusty or greasy patches on baby's scalp; if it doesn’t go away try new shampoo or oils
  • Diaper rash: patch of bright red skin on bottom; contact doctor if different lotions don't help or it begins to blister
  • Milia: tiny white bumps on nose and cheeks; wash once a day with water and mild soap.

Medication/Mommy Diet

  1. Consult with a pediatrician before taking any medication because it could effect your breast milk. Ask pediatrician before taking any type of medication.
  2. Both Tylenol and Motrin are doctor recommended, Motrin vs Tylenol: Motrin is an anti inflammatory and is tylenol is a generic pain reliever.
  3. A healthy diet for nursing mom would be well balanced colorful plate, 8 or more glasses of water a day, take the necessary vitamins, and extra calories to maintain energy (if breastfeeding).
  4. Moms should avoid, while nursing, smoking, taking certain medications, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, fish, and common allergic foods such as milk and/or nuts.

Crying Babies

  1. healthy well fed infant who cries more than three hours a day
  2. usually starts around two weeks
  3. causes- tummy trouble, reflux, gas, growing digestive system, hormones, over sensitivity to light
  4. calm a baby: feed them, change diaper, hold them, anti gas drops (only provided by doctor)
  5. call the doctor: unusual crying, trouble breathing, fever, abnormal bowel movement.

Baby Development

  1. There is no possible way to know if your baby is meeting his/her milestones, all babies develop differently. Look for progress, if anything is abnormal consult with a pediatrician.
  2. Smile: 1-3 month, roll over, sit up & make sounds: 4-6 month.

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