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Types of Investments

Low-Risk Investments

Medium-Risk Investments

High-Risk Investments

What is Risk?

Financial practice with the possibility of loss or high reward.

Low-Risk Investment

Blue Chip Stocks: Stocks issued from highly capitalized companies with a history of rising profit and income every year.

Government Bonds: The Government guarantees the payment of interest during the life of the bonds, and will repay the principal amount of bonds upon maturity.

Savings Account: These are offered by banks or credit unions and are considered low risk investments because mos banks are FDIC-insured.

Medium Risk

Mutual Funds: are a collection of stocks from different companies and/ or other money investments (savings bonds) that are combined together to form one single investment.

Real Estate: Investing in real estate hoping the property values are going to increase is a more risky investment but investing to achieve a steady stream of income from rent is a less risky choice. Consider investing for both to achieve a moderate risk, moderate potential return investment.

Precious Metals: Precious metal prices are unpredictable, through diversifying can balance your risk. Consider silver or gold as tangible investment.

High Risk Investments

Junk Bonds: Bonds dealt out through companies with an questionable history credit, however if the investment is successful there is a huge payout.

Corporate Bonds: Bonds that involve corporations taking out loans of money for certain expenses. Usually to expand the corporation itself, however if the corp is not successful the debt is heavy and leads to bankruptcy

Equities: The general public stock, equities can leave you with millions or without a cent to your name it all depends with what stock you buy.

Retire With Money

401(k) Plan: Low-risk but low-reward this plan will ensure by the time you retire from the workforce you have money.

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