Internet Safety Rules

Top  10 Internet Safety Rules!

  1. Do not give out your address to anyone.
  2. Do not give out your cell-phone or landline number out.
  3. Never give out passwords for anything to anyone, even a best friend.
  4. Don’t agree to meet anyone in person.
  5. Don’t have any personal info when creating screen names.
  6. Never respond to mean or rude emails or message of someone I don’t know.
  7. You should talk with your parents to set up rules for talking to others online.
  8. Don’t download or install any software without checking with your parents.
  9. Don’t post pictures of you or others on the internet without checking with your parents.
  10. Tell your parents when you come across something you feel is inappropriate.

These internet safety rules are important. They are important because they help you stay safe and secure online. In my opinion they are important for various reasons. First of all they are very useful when creating usernames and/or on online chats. They are also useful when you are looking through e-mails that are offensive or just plain rude. All of these are very important because if you follow all of these rules you will always be protected online forever.