Great White Sharks

By Rex Miller

Do you like great White Sharks?  If you do then this is the best tackk for you.

     Great White Sharks are the second biggest shark but the are the biggest predatory shark.  Male sharks can grow to about 11-13 ft long.  Females can grow about 15-16 ft long.

     Male Great Whites can be 500 lb.  While the females weigh about 7,330 lb.  That is a big difference in weight from just a couple feet longer then the males.  I assuming that the females are heavier because they have the pups and need more food to feed the pups.  I do not have the information on that.

     A Great White reaches maturity at around 15 years of age.  And people thought they would have a 30 year life span.  Now they have estimated to have a 70 year life span.  Making it one of the longest living Cartilaginous fish currently known.

     Great Whites will only attack if they smell 1 drop of blood from 0.25 miles away (0.4 km).  Another time they will attack is if they are hungry.  It is rare to be attacked by a shark.  There are 75 shark attack reports a year and about 10 shark kills a year.  So I  would not worry about Great Whites.  And if you are at a beach life guards will keep you safe.

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