Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Considering the long ear canals of dogs (usually 5-10 cm), there are higher chances of them catching ear infections. If your dog has red itchy ears, or if they resist you touching them, it is likely that they have an infection and it would be better to simply visit a Windsor vet clinic and let them handle the job. They would first treat the infection to prevent it from spreading.

But if your dog is comfortable with you touching and cleaning their ears, you’re good to go ahead. It would be better if you acquaint yourself with basic canine ear anatomy before starting on the job:

As a general rule, your dog’s ears should be cleaned at least monthly or not more than one a week if you are in the habit of regular grooming (or if your dog likes to swim).

Required Materials: Although you would only require a good quality medical ear cleaner and some cotton wool, it would not harm to keep some dog treats handy.

Warning: It is important that you use a good quality medical ear cleaner, prescribed by a professional veterinarian. Other chemicals like shampoos or vinegar and olive oil etc or prodding with ear buds can potentially harm your pet’s ear drums.


  • 1. Calm your dog and make him/her feel comfortable before you precede further, use his favorite treats or toys for distraction.
  • 2. Hold the ear flap upright and gently fill the ear canal with ear cleaner by lowering the tube vertically downwards.
  • 3. While holding the flap, gently massage the base of the ear (where the ear meets the head) to facilitate the ear cleaner mix thoroughly around the ear canal walls.
  • 4. Do this for some 20-30 seconds and use cotton wool to dab and wipe the folds of the ear, taking out all the debris.
  • 5. Repeat the steps 2-4 again on the same ear and likewise perform 2-3 times on the other ear until it is visibly clean and devoid of any excess ear cleaner.
  • 6. Let your dog get rid of the remaining ear cleaner by doing a vigorous shake of his head (that is their natural way of removing any foreign particle from their ear canals).
  • 7. Now simply wipe off the remaining wetness with some cotton and you’re done!

Remember, ear cleaning is a standard procedure and is supposed to be painless. If at some point of time you feel that your dog is getting restless or is not enjoying his/her grooming session, it would be wise to consult one of the vets in Windsor.