Being loyal to your family I strongly agree my opinion on it is that if you family is nothing but loyal to you and shows you respect you should give them the same in return.

I Disagree with people should be punished for Breaking the law , My opinion on this is everybody who breaks the law shouldn't be punished if it's your first time being involved with the law I think you should be on a clean slate still, But if it's something like murder or abuse you should be punished for the first time.

I Strongly agree on power corrupts those who have it , People become arrogant they feel like nothing can touch them, There mindset is that they are above the law. For instance, Some government officials even go to the extent of excepting bribes.

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3 years ago

Emmanuel, each of your paragraphs only has one period. This should be a red flag for you, and I know that you are capable of proofreading (and asking for help if you need it). Also, you need to have at least one SPECIFIC example to support your idea. The ideas are there but you need to push yourself....