Cherokee Tribe

Serenity Wesley

These are facts about the Cherokee Indians. Their government is red chief  and white chief. They have the Green corn festival and also have pow wows.North Amarican  Indian language.  Their way of life  for food is they hunt and grow crops. All thse facts are true.

They have alot of pow wows.

This is what the  the Cherokees tribe clothes looks like. this is deerskin

Here's some facts about the Cherokee Tribe. The Cherokee tribes  government is red  and white chief. They have green corn festival  they have pow wows. They also have feast. Their way of life is they hunt,grow crops, and have gatherings. Their homes are made of  wood and stone. Each family  had two homes  in the summer village and the winter  village.Their clothes are made of  deerskin and woven fiber. They live in Georgia,North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky,Tennessee.

Here are some fun facts about the Cherokee Tribe. The Cherokee Tribe is a very cool tribe if you are doing the Cherokee tribe then you are lucky. They use their hands to kill food sometimes.  You might already now this but in the winter they have a winter home and in the summer they have a summer home.

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