The Warriors Heart

By Eric Greitens

    For my summer reading book I chose to read A Warriors Heart by Eric Greintens. Let's start off with character analysis.The main character is Eric and let me just start off with wow,what an amazing man. The whole time I was reading, I said in my mind over and over that I wanted to meet him. He is filled with honor,integrity,and most of all...character. "But I soon realized that my anger was selfish". Just by that short piece of his narrative one can tell that he is filled with unselfishness.

       The summary of the story is about a young man named Eric who started from mowing lawns to earn money for college to ministering to teens on the streets to fighting on the battlefields of Iraq.One will probably wonder how you can do so many things in such a short time well it wasn't short.In fact it was many years of his life where he accomplished many great things.

Next the rising action is the mission trips and wanting to reach the community locally and globally. For example,he went to Rwanda in Africa to refugee camps which eventually led to him join the army and try to become a navy seal.But locally he went to the streets and Protested for his freedom which also led up to the climax After earning a Ph.D. as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford university  and serving as a humanitarian volunteer overseas,Eric joined the Navy SEALs.

      The climax in the story  is Eric, accomplishing his goal of joining the Navy SEALS.

Falling action  is going to Iraq to serve as a Navy SEAL. He was stationed in many different areas all over the world, such as Fullujah.

Setting is in many different areas. Eric was born and raised in Missouri.  He went to Rwanda to serve at the refugee camps.He went to California for training.  Lastly, he went to Iraq to serve as a Navy SEAL.

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