Zeer Pot Project

by: Haylee, Maddy, Jordan, Brooklyn, Caraline

1.Which variable will your group manipulate:

We are going to manipulate the electrolytes in the zeer pot.

2.Why did you choose this variable:

We were curious on how it would affect the temp.

3.What do you expect to occur:

We expect the temp to drop

4.What controls will you use:

~Temp of water

~Amount of water

~Fan 30cm away

~How often you fill pots with water

~Amount of sand

~Width of sand

~Temp in room

~Level of fan (1, 2 or 3)

~Towel (how wet?) (how many?)  (how many times do we soak the towel?)

5. Investigate design idea's that might work. List any idea's that you may have.

Elecrolytes .Vs. No Electrolytes

This is our flow chart of our zeer pot.

In the chart above shows our base line zeer pot. The temperature drop to 15.5 degrees.

The second chart (as seen above) got to a low of 17.7 degrees Celsius and a high of 21 degrees Celsius. Clearly the second test was not as success as the first. However we can see a fast drop in temperature at the beginning.

Next Steps

Ideas for next time;

-use half the amount of electrolytes

-use soft water

-space between pots (amount of sand/size of pots)

-use distilled water


-dissolving all salt

-getting sand and water in the tiny space

-keeping temp of water the same

-setting up computer

-determining the pattern

-baseline --> people keep touching it

-in the end, all of our controls worked


In conclusion when electrolytes are added to the water the temperature decreases at a faster rate, but it doesn't decline as much as the water without electrolytes.

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