Justin Michael John Fanning-An Ode to Piaget

Sensorimotor Period-0 to 2 years, relying on senses and movements for meaning in life.

6 months-"I don't care what on the tv, I need some juice"

My parents said that I was normal movement wise, but also always very curious, as they let me walk/move in this inner tube contraption before I could walk. My dad told me a story of how he spent hours childproofing the house, only to have me unlock the liquor cabinet and chemical cabinet in succession, not to take anything, almost just to show that I could. They never remembered any object permanence issues or assimilation problems, and my mom was actually upset by the fact that I didn't have separation anxiety like my brother, as i weaned myself from constant surveillance quickly.

The Preoperational period shown above, from 2 to 7 years, is the development of autonomy, pride, and imagination, while still restricted possibly by some object permanence issues early in the stage.

My parents said that I never had an imaginary friend, speaking to my realism personality trait. The fact that they said I preferred to lose myself in the fantasy of a book or game, however, shows my clear love for imagination, but need for realism and logic in the world around me. I never had any conservation issues as well apparently.

Concrete Operational Period-7 to 12 years, where pride and complex learning/problem solving are truly developed and individual attitudes/perspectives are dynamic.

My parents said that I was always an excellent conversationalist and that my love of friendship and mediation (with a side of personal gain) shaped my development of sharing and relationships. Reversibility was never a problem, as they said that I always had an uncanny ability to predict outcomes of things logically.

Formal Operational Period-12 years on, the stage that logical reasoning and higher thinking develop within, and abstract concepts are understood.

My parents said that I was always thinking in an abstract manner, long before I was 12, (to my detriment as well as a helpful quality) and that I have always been a persuasive, argument winning speaker, which is evidenced and supported by my extroverted, genial nature towards other, feeding my egocentrism I'm sure.

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