Justin's Rube Goldberg  Machine

Listen to paragraphI chose this because it lets your imagination go wild. Just to do a simple task. It is very fun. I hope to make at least 6 stage machine. I don't think I will make a career out of this, but maybe I will because I don't know the future.

Intro Research

Listen to paragraphToday I looked at some amazing Rube Goldberg Machines on YouTube. Someone opened a door with like 50 stages. It was cool. I also looked at the requirement presentation. It was very interesting to see how effective it is when something goes wrong in a Rube Goldberg Machine.

Further Introduction Research

Listen to paragraphToday Nick and I made the basic plans for our machine. It looks fairly easy to calculate. But no. It will be very hard to do this because of being able to catapult a ball at the right angle and force.


Today Nick and I finished our drawing on Google draw. I made the captions and arrows. I also thought of using the Newton's Cradle in our Rube Goldberg Machine.

The Begining

Listen to paragraphToday I made the first stage of our machine. It was scary because I had to stand on a table to tape something on the ceiling.

Questions Answers

We came along pretty well. We decided to combined with a group. It made everything a lot easier.


Listen to paragraphToday our group decided to break up. So Nick and I tried to calculate where to put the catapult. We only had time to do one test because of putting everything together.

New questions

We need to now know how far away our Newtons cradle need to be. We will be figuring that out tomorrow. With only three weeks left I hope we can finish it.

New Ideas

Today Nick and I took a turn of events. Nick said the design wouldn't work so we made a new design that is bond to work.

The Longest Day

Listen to paragraphToday I needed to way do the wiffle ball to have it cut the string. It was very hard to do. Sadly in the end it did not work.

All Fails Ahead

Listen to paragraphToday our first five tries failed, but finally our sixth trial worked. Our next two trials failed. I guess it's it up to fate to see if it will work. Finally our scissors worked again. Thats two in one day. New record I think. Again with the fails. Another three fails. My final words are that, I tried to conduct a test. I saw what the string before letting go of the ball. Then I let go of the ball. Looked at the string and saw that every time that the ball hits the scissors the string is cut a little more.

Again and Again

8 tries in and we still have no success. Another 25 tries but no success. Finally we have a cut. But we have no time left, so we need to tear down. Now we have bring in a catapult. That will launch a ball to pull open a door. Yes its going to be easy

The Idea of a Sart

sorry the last two entries a formated weird. I'm going to start typing it while we're test. About 20 minutes in the class and Nick did nothing but help other groups and chat with other people. I had to set everything together. First test... fail. Nine oh two and finally decides to work. Seven test later no success. More test more fails. We are never going to make this work. No. I think we need to change the design. Nick said no.

Back to Square One

Listen to paragraphListen to paragraph. We decided to start anew again. That means new plan. Nick was a big help today. No sarcasm there. The picture above is the new design. So far it works.

A New Hope

Today we started a new idea. I worked like bread and butter. The only problem now is opening the cabinet, which I will work on tomorrow.

Happiness is Every Where

Today I tested and I was delighted at the results. I also came across a new idea that might be crazy enough to work. I'm not going to tell you yet just for the suspense.

Yes Yes and More Yes

Today Nick shot down my idea. But we worked with a different group and it worked out great. I think we will get it to work tomorrow hopefully.

The Last Time to Work

Listen to paragraphThe entire thing worked. It work three times. It was great. Please look at the video.


Listen to paragraphToday is the last day. We don't have to build anything. I don't think I will make a career out of this, but it was a great experience. The group I was in was great. Even on the days he didn't let me do anything. But still. I had a lot of fun. We made a great machine with the other group we joined. That is Matt, Wyatt, and Justin. After these seventeen days of hard work, it finally paid off.

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2 years ago

this page is very prettyly set up and i like your project.

2 years ago

I liked your machine on google draw, I like you project too.

2 years ago

I love the drawing! You must have worked hard on that!

2 years ago

Your drawings look professional. Good thought process.