The Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was in China, and influenced much of the Korean and Japanese cultures.

The Tang Dynasty began in 618 AD, and ended in 907 AD. For almost the entirety of the empire, the capitol was Chang'an. For the last three years of the empire, the capitol was Luoyang.

  Over time, the dynasty expanded over the western part of China, but particularly in one area. It was because of the Silk Road that the Tang Dynasty grew in certain parts. To protect the merchants and traders on the road that were delivering goods to Europe, the military was placed along the Silk Road. And wherever the military is controlling an area, that's where the Dynasty is.

  During the Tang Dynasty, many new and modern were invented, such as the compass, gunpowder, porcelain, the spinning wheel, block printing, and the mechanical clock. Things such gunpowder were not necessarily created for the use of guns and war. Really, it was made when people were trying to find a way to become immortal.  All of these new and innovative inventions connected the Chinese to other culture on the Silk Road. Everyone wanted porcelain dishes, or a compass to tell which was north.

                 Other cultures near China, such as Korea and Japan,  may look similar, in style, in their writing systems, and in their religions. During the Tang Dynasty, these neighboring cultures emulated China.  Things like Buddhism, Confucianism, respect for nature, and the Chinese writing system were borrowed.

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