Why Doesn't  
Honey Expire?

Amber Mohabbat

Why doesn't honey expire? The oldest honey found is unearthed from Georgia and is about 5,000 years old, and you can still eat it (If it was kept closed and dry)! June  323 BC, in Iraq when Alexander the Great died, people may have set him  in a coffin full of honey. Honey is a sugar. Most microorganisms do not grow in honey because it has low water activity. That is why you should not refrigerate honey, unless you want it to be exposed to water, and begin to crystalize. When bees get nectar they flap there wings to dry it out. Honey is when bees regurgitate. Bees stomachs have enzyme glucose oxidase which tries to force anything  to grow in the honey, which makes it a lot harder to spoil. Honey will not go sour or anything.

Honey also needs the right storage. If honey is open and placed in an exposed place, it will also start to crystallize. In order to keep it clean, you need to place it in a dry, closed area.

Crystallized Honey

    When honey starts to crystallize that means that the honey has been exposed to cooler tempatures ( freezers, refrigerators, etc.). But it doesn't mean it has spoiled, it will just be different and, harder to spread. If  you want the crystallizing to reduce you have to heat up the honey (microwave or oven) for a few minutes and it will reduce the crystallizing.

In conclusion, honey is made from bees regurgitating and the reason why it doesn't expire is becauseenzyme glucose oxidase keeps it from anything living in the honey.

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