Manufactured Fibers

By:Hana Alkobri

Manufactured Fiber
Some characteristics for polyester is it's easy to clean, won't shrink/stretch/wrinkle, and it's strong.Some uses are shirts, cardigans, and children clothing.
Some characteristics for nylon is it dries fast, it's easy to wash, it won't wrinkle, it's durable, and strong. Some uses of nylon are coats, hosiery, and swimwear.
Some characteristics of acrylic is it's bulky, soft, strong, won't wrinkle, and it's warm. Some uses are robes, fabrics on the outdoor furniture , and garments that are knitted.
Some characteristics of rayon is it's not expensive, soft, comfortable, and it wrinkles easily. Some uses are jackets, athletic shirts, and linings.
Some characteristics of acetate is it's silky, luxurious, soft, easy to wrinkle, isn't expensive, and it needs special care to clean it. Some uses are lingerie, ties, and blouses.
Some characteristics of spandex is it's very stretchy, will damage from bleach, durable, not heavy, and it can resist lotion/oil/ sun. Some uses are swimwear and athletic clothing.

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