Come Live in The "Bridge Between the Worlds" City!

By: Zach Schuele

This is a map of how you will be able to get to this great city!

Constantinople is more than 800 miles to the east of Rome. It was chosen to be here by Constantine because it would be easy to defend as it is surrounded by three bodies of water! We also just to secure safety added a chain all the way around the all the walls making sure no enemies get in! Constantinople is the pinnacle of all trading because it is in the center of all countries and regions and almost all trade routes come here so if you need to trade or just need a place to live we have it all covered than come on, what are you waiting for, Live in Constantinople!

We feel strongly about our government so if you are coming to break laws then don't bother! You should want to move here because when the fall of Rome came Constantinople became the center of government for the Byzantine Empire. We have a republic that stands for our cities name! Constantinople is the most important city in the world so come try it!

Constantinople was the first city to worship Christianity and we feel strongly about it. Our emperor is not only the head of Byzantine government, but is a living representative of life back when Jesus was alive and around! We have religious sacraments that give shape to every stage of the journey from birth to death! We also have a great building called the Hagia Sophia and if you want to see it you'll have to come here!

Our daily life here in Constantinople involves church services and religious sacraments. Trading goes around daily. We are home to one million people and new sailors and traders every day so you will be with people from all around the world, some maybe where you came from. So stop by Constantinople, live here, trade here, and love here!

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