Various Functions

Quadratic Functions: -b+- the square root of b^2-4(a)(c) over 2a

Ax^2+bx+c- Standard form

-You have to find the a,b and c in the equation you are given

-Then you plug a,b and c in the quadratic function

-After you solve this you will get the x-intercepts

-The c from the standard form is the y-intercept

-You see if the A is negative or positive

-Use your x and y intercepts to plot it on a graph

                  Example- 2x^2+5x+3        a=2 b=5 c=3

      -5+- the square root of 5^2-4(2)(3) all over 2(2)

      -5+- the square root of 25-24         -5+- the square root of 1 over 2

     -5+1 over 4 = -1                 -5-1 over 4 = -1.5

Linear Equation- Y=mx+b

Find out what your m and b are

Find the slope by using the slope formula and then find the b which is the y-intercept.

Slope formula- rise over run rise is the change in the y's and the run is the change in the x's

Cubic Function : Standard Form - ax^3+bx^2+cx+d

f(x)= x^3

Make a Chart

Plug in the x-values into the standard form

Then you graph it with the points you get from doing x to the third power

so -2 to the third power is -8

Square Root

Rational Function

Multi-Step Equation for Zero

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