Advanced Curriculum Development

If you have completed the Beginning Curriculum Development module and hope to complete your curriculum, welcome to the final module! Here we will take what you developed in the previous module and have it culminate into a final, rigorous curriculum to add to your professional development profile. Bringing your curriculum full circle, this module will take you through developing a targeted needs assessment, educational methods and finally an implementation plan.


  • Develop an appropriate needs assessment method
  • Designs an educational method for the curriculum which supports the objectives
  • Analyses the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen method
  • Describes an implementation plan
  • Anticipates barriers and resources for curriculum implementation


This module is meant to add onto the partially developed curriculum from the Beginning Curriculum Development module. Apply the following instructions to that curriculum and combine for a culminating project. Again, it is best to do this in a stepwise fashion. After completion of the final project, you will reflect upon your experience in the reflective journal.

1. Targeted Needs Assessment: Read Chapter 3

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Identify one a method by which you could obtain appropriate information for a needs assessment. Please describe the advantages and disadvantages to at least two methods, in how they pertain to your curriculum.

2. Educational Method: Read Chapter 5

  • Choose an appropriate educational method for your curriculum and explain how the educational method supports the objectives.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen method.

3. Implementation of curriculum: Read Chapter 6

  • Identify resources and support in anticipation of implementing your curriculum at your institution. Also anticipate barriers to implementation.
  • In brief describe your introduction plan.

4. Post the combined above steps into the application portion of the weebly site. You will receive feedback utilizing the rubric guidelines.
5. Reflective journal: Post to journal portion of weebly site.

  • Reflect in journal entry for on what you have learned about curriculum design in this elective. Describe in 2-4 paragraphs how you intend to use this in your future practice in medical education. Include how you would assess your own performance when compared to the rubric. If able, how would you change or improve your next curricular design process?

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Great that you have a rubric for each module and that you've assigned numeric values to each condition.