End of Year project

Fabiola Najera

Persuasive essay

Over the years innocent people have lost their life's  just because of the actions of one bad person. People believe that there are to many bad people than good people ,but other people feel that there isn't that many bad people.

I believe that the world has to many bad people and not enough good people. Over the years innocent people lose tier life's for no reason and i believe that having more good people can bring lots peace to the world. The reason being because the more good people you have the more they come up with more ideas to help.

Another reason that having good people in the world is beneficial is because they always find ways of helping people. Good people will always see the good in people it doesn't matter what your past was because they will always help you. Crime rates could possibly go down and there wouldn't be so much war and fighting anymore.

Many people believe that having to much good people could actually be a lot worse than we except. The reason being because not everyone can always agree so it would eventually lead to people fighting and that would just be like having bad people.

Crime rates are to high right know and we cant afford to have innocent people lose their life's because of the actions of one bad person ,so we should all just try to get along and try no to have to much fights anymore. we should all find a way to have more good people.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

     I would like to recommend Alexis Ozaeta for a job in your hospital as a nurse. I have known Alexis for several years know and i could definitely say she is excellent for the job.

     Alexis Ozaeta has worked for my company for 3 years since 2010-2013. Out of all those years Alexis was a very responsible,skilled and hard worker . Alexis has always had very good social skills and gets along with everyone. Alexis during her time in my company she excelled in every assignment that was given. She is also really independent and doesn't really depend on anyone and she makes sure that she gets the job done.

     overall i feel that Alexis would be a really good addition to your hospital. Alexis would definitely be good as the position of a nurse. Shes a real hard worker and deserves this job.

                                           yours truly,

                                                       Fabiola Najera

Letter of Intent

                                                Najera, Fabiola Judith

                                                33333 patriot point

                                                   El Paso , Texas 79965

                                                  May 23, 2015

Alan Robles


5555 pacific point

El Paso, Texas 79928

Dear Alan Robles,

Iam currently a nurse in del sol medical center but i would like to apply to your company and become a therapist. iam currently working any shift that there is to offer which makes it really easy for me to come into work any day. Del Sol medical center helps people become very friendly and i feel that throughout the years of working there i have become a very easy person to talk to to.

I got the job as a nurse about a couple of years ago and i gave it so much effort but i felt that it wasn't really the job that i wanted. I have been trying for a couple of time know to become a therapist because that is my dream job. Elementary and middle school i had really good grades and always helped everyone. High school was a challenging time but overall i did good and gradated with top ten.

Overall i would love to work in your company as a new therapist mainly because i feel that it is the job that i was meant to have. Iam a very flexible person especially when it comes to work hours i could work every day. Please take this letter into recommendation.


Fabiola Najera


Fabiola Najera


12345 patriot point




My objective is to become a occupational therapist and help lots of people's with their problems.


Lujan Chavez (4) , Sun ridge middle(3), pebble hills high school(4)

A honor student

champion of the spelling bee 4th time in a row \

won a medal for community service


April 20, 2010 - September 4, 2013

Del Sol medical hospital

I was the head nurse assistant to all the doctors


I am very friendly, hard worker,and  independent

Job Application