Skylar with the long dyed blue hair. Skylar of the contacts and video games. Skylar whose friends know how much of a tomboy she is. Is a girl with a unknown past.

Skateboards along the street after her friend, Sam. Yells out to him to head home to play video games and hangout. Heads home and during that they have a race. Bursting with energy she skateboarded down the street. Opens the door and turns on the television.

Skylar puts in the video game and jumped on the couch. Picks up the controller and starts playing. plays games for a while till Sam had to leave. Because it was time to go eat dinner Skylar inside that Lord Of The Rings shirt. Inside her mind was full of doubt. Inside she was full of a longing for an adventure. Is a girl who was about to burst like a balloon full of air because of how quiet it was. Turns off the game and turns on the DVD player. Puts in Revenge Of the Sith. Eats an apple as she sat down on the couch again. Presses play and watches it halfway. Falls asleep on that old couch with her movie still playing.

A Narrative Poem By: Rebecca Haga

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