principals of art,av communication technology

by:Amy hernandez

this the first things we did which is emails and blogs.

the second unit we did was digital photography where we used cameras

the third thing we did was keynote presentations were we did our own keynotes

the fourth unit we did was: video production where we did our own movie trailers

the fifth thing we did was sound ediding where we got a bart simpson line and made it our own

the sixth thing we did was photoshop where we learned how to use it and did lots of cool projects

the seventh thing we did was desktop publishing/pages where we did our own logo for our company and tis one is my logo A n H

the eight thing we did was animation  where we learned about the history of animation

the 9 thing we did was fashion design where we picked 3 things to design and this one of the 3 things i did

the last thing we did was game design where we chose a game and research it

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